Our Services

Castlebar Asset Management provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management. What does this mean to you? You may have a few financial goals set, paying for your child’s college education or to retire when you turn 60. These are wonderful goals to have, but how will you be able to achieve them? This is where Castlebar Asset Management plays a key role in achieving your goals. The methodology we use is Goal Based – taking your priorities and current life status to create a very specific model that uses YOUR expressed goals as the driving force.

We begin with a few conversations and review your current financial health. This process helps to create additional goals as well as allows for flexibility. Castlebar utilizes the latest and award winning technologies to develop sophisticated financial plans and risk profiles.

We are unique as we are a fee only independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and offer our clients the following important benefits:

High Standards: Our portfolio manager holds the highest credentials in the industry. Read more about CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst credentials.

Independence: We do not sell in house products or services. We provide clients with objective guidance on achieving financial goals.

Interest Aligned with Yours:  Our compensation is based on a percentage of assets under management, our success is linked to that of our clients.

We Manage Your Investments: Castlebar selects the securities and builds your customized portfolio in house.

Skin In the Game: Our portfolio manager owns the same portfolio as our clients 

Key Services Castlebar Asset Management Provides:

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