Our Process

At Castlebar we use a goals based approach to determine how to develop your financial plan and investment management strategy. Here is an overview of our process.

Start With a Conversation – Castlebar’s financial planning process starts with a conversation to determine our client’s goals, objectives, fears and concerns. We also determine your risk tolerance and time horizon.

Create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) – The IPS will outline your goals, investment allocation (asset allocation) as well as other items relevant to meeting your goals like your risk tolerance, time horizons and liquidity needs. It serves as your investment roadmap.

Build Your Portfolio – Implement your IPS by investing in securities selected by Castlebar’s portfolio manager.

Monitor, Manage & Report - We continuously monitor and rebalance your portfolio as it moves too far away from your asset allocation. At times, we decide to make tactical asset allocation moves based on market conditions. This means we would overweight an asset class because we believe there is a compelling opportunity. Castlebar will send you a comprehensive report on your investments quarterly. Clients can also receive a weekly email report on their investments.

Annual Review – Castlebar reviews your situation annually to make sure your IPS still fits your needs. Our face to face annual review gives us an opportunity to ensure our clients goals are being accomplished. Clients can also expect a quarterly call from Castlebar to check in and see if they have any questions or concerns about their investments or other financial questions.

Financial Planning Process

Why use a goals based approach?

We believe that a goals based approach is a superior way to measure investment performance. In our discussions with clients most want to know if their retirement plans are on track so they can retire on time, afford to send their children to a great college or buy a vacation home. It is important to outperform investment benchmarks but financial milestones are at the forefront our client’s thinking.

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