Equity Approach

Castlebar’s equity approach centers on our belief that the lowest risk stocks have the highest return potential. This equity strategy provides clients with capital appreciation over the long term.

Castlebar builds portfolios that hold companies with the following characteristics:

  • Lower Volatility than the Market
  • Good and Improving Profitability
  • Emphasis on Cash Flow Over Earnings
  • Strong Balance Sheets
  • Dividend Paying

Our portfolio style is more value than growth. We focus on owning companies for the medium to long term, therefore our portfolio have low turnover each year.

US Equities

Stocks in the US make up the largest allocation of our equity investments. Castlebar focuses on US stocks in the large and mid-cap space that meet our criteria. We use ETFs to gain exposure to small cap stocks.

International Equities

Having international equities in your portfolio can be a missing element that many advisors overlook. Castlebar is unique because of our global experience. International investing is an important piece to enhance returns and lower risk. Investing in stocks abroad can offer much needed portfolio and currency diversification as well as opportunities to gain from new markets and companies

Castlebar has experience investing in developed markets in Western Europe, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand.

Socially Responsible & Faith Based Equities

Investors looking for a portfolio that meets certain socially responsible (SRI) or faith based criteria can rely on Castlebar’s experience in this class. We can tailor a portfolio to meet the specific requirements of your criteria or use Castlebar’s methodology. Typically our SRI portfolios do not invest in companies that are in the businesses of alcohol, tobacco, armaments, defense and gambling. We also look for companies that are best in class in governance, social responsibility and ethics.

Castlebar uses the same low volatility, high quality based approach for SRI and faith-based portfolios.

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