Private High School Costs in Kansas City Increase in 2017-2018

The rising costs of education is something that all parents understand all too well. College costs are beginning to moderate, but private high school costs in Kansas City are still showing steady price increases. The average increase for the 2017-2018 academic year is 3.1%. This is better than the 4.5% increase from the 2016-2017 academic year but still higher than general inflation.

The average cost to send a child to private high school is $13,825 for the 2017-2018 year. The range of prices changes were from -3.6% to 14%. The schools that saw overall prices decrease are due to changes in technology, supply and activity fees. No school lowered their tuition price this year. The average based tuition price jumped 5.7%, this excludes any added fees.

Paying for private high school while trying to save for college and your own retirement can be a balancing act during the best of times. If you have multiple children in private high school or college the costs can really eat up your cash flow. We have written several articles on these topics: What is a parent to do: Save for retirement or their children’s college?, How Much Should Parents Contribute to College?, and Six Factors for Paying for College. You can also read our article A Game Plan For Parents: Paying For Private School which talks about ways parents can plan, save and reduce the cost of private high school.

We gather information from each schools’ website. We look at the full cost of sending one student to school. This includes tuition and different fees like activity, supply and technology. If there is a different tuition rate for church members or other affiliation, we defer to the lower rate. Many schools offer discounts or reduced prices for multiple students or family rates, but we did not factor them into our calculation.

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