The Whole Life Insurance Conundrum

Life insurance is one of those things in life that you never really want to deal with, but know you need it. Having the right level of life insurance is an important part of a sound financial plan. Knowing what type of coverage along with how much, is central to making sure you are not vulnerable or over insured. 

A Guide To Restricted Stock Units

Restricted stock units (RSUs) are a common way for employers to offer stock based compensation to their employees. More employees are starting to see RSUs as part of their overall compensation. Receiving RSUs or stock linked compensation is a sign that things are going well in your career!

Private High School Costs in Kansas City Increase in 2017-2018

The rising costs of education is something that all parents understand all too well. College costs are beginning to moderate, but private high school costs in Kansas City are still showing steady price increases. The average increase for the 2017-2018 academic year is 3.1%.

Big Picture Retirement Interview

Thanks Big Picture Retirement Show hosted by Devin Carroll for having Andrew on your show again. The last part of 2016 was really good for the stock market and the momentum continued for the first couple months of 2017.

Global Stock Market Viewpoints: First Quarter 2017

International markets had an impressive start to the year. All major developed markets were positive for the first quarter and global indexes outperformed the US markets. The US Dollar weakened in the quarter which helped lift over all returns. The top performing sectors were technology, consumer staples and consumer discretionary. The energy sector sold off in the quarter.

US Market Viewpoints: First Quarter 2017

The momentum from the post election rally continued into the new year. Stocks were strong this quarter having their best start to the year since 2013. The themes this quarter were volatility remained historically low, confidence is still robust and governing can be a grind.

Six Factors for Paying for College

All families have questions about how they should go about paying for college. High income earners may have additional ability or capacity to save for their children’s college, but there are key items to consider when paying for college education.

Quotes and Investments

Quotes from famous, funny or brilliant people are widely referenced, sometimes overused to emphasize a point. There are certain quotes or phrases that can help guide us when we are making ordinary life or important decisions. They can serve as powerful reminders of key concepts.

Home Equity Line of Credit as a Financial Planning Tool

Home equity line of credits or HELOCs (pronounce he – locks) are usually thought of as a tool to pay for a kitchen remodel or to update a bathroom. Outside of the this use, they can be an important component of your financial plan to provide greater financial flexibility. HELOCs can be a savvy cash management tool when used selectively.

Big Picture Retirement Interview

Andrew was recently interviewed on the Big Picture Retirement Show hosted by Devin Carroll. The last part of 2016 was really good for the stock market and the new year didn’t stop the momentum.

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